The Baha'i Writings and the Child: A Research Website

19 Principles

Nineteen principles guide the research work

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Arts Incorporation

The arts are a central component of the research process

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Theoretical Considerations

Theoretical considerations underlying the research work

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Light and the Young Child

Light and the Young Child A Meditation on Light Video credit: 5 Years Of Sun: Our Star’s Best Close-Ups

Three Rating Scales (1 – 5)

Conversations and Meditations with Ja...

Covenantal Paradigm Video Meditation

Inspirational Piece: Children Ages 4...

Getting Started in Calligraphy

In our research training seminars at the 9-12 level we are finding success using the book:

Observation in the Research Process

Rating Scales  Copyright © Bahá’í International Community   The rational of the rating scales. In reviewing meditations on this research website you will see three rating scales being used (e.g. E=2.5; I= 3.00; A=1.5) : Emotional Reaction (E); Initial Follow-up Response (I); and Application in Daily Life (A).  The use of these rating scales serves […]

The Spirit of the Research

The child, particularly the religious life of the child, is central to the interest and commitment of the researcher… The researcher observes and studies the vital needs of the child and the manifestations of those vital needs according to the developmental stage of the child. The researchers live with the child a shared religious experience according […]

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