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Block Crayoning

Coloring with Block Crayons emphasizing the Primary Colors sieglinde de francesca

An excellent resource for helping children to express themselves through the arts by the use of block crayons. The book first guides the adult to develop basic techniques in a section called “The Teacher Learns”. In this section basic technique and drawing lessons are provided. The second part, titled “The Teacher Teaches ,“includes topics as coloring with different ages, teaching through imitation, basic technique and drawing exercises, showing perspective and the like. Many full-colored drawings are included as examples.

The author notes that the block crayon medium helps children “explore their creativity and find a unique voice for their imagination.“ For researchers this skill offers the child a way to express oneself in a unique way and thus give deeper glimpses into expressions of the voice of the heart which words alone cannot do. A 3DVD set as well as the book and a set of block crayons can be ordered at

Techniques in the Use of Block Crayons in the Research Process

1. Introduction

2. Drawing Benefits

3. Developmental Considerations

4. Meditation Process

5. Materials

6. Materials

7. Crayon Tips

8. Names of Sides

9. Snakes and Ribbons

10. Bands that Become Lines

11. Bands that Curve, Tree

12. Shading or Color Value

13. Advanced shading

14. Advanced Shading with Rainbows

15. Clouds of color and mixed color clouds

16. Color moods and stories

17. Rainbows and clouds

18. Examples of meditation cards and books

Guiding Quotations

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