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Parent Permission Form


I give my child/youth permission to Participate in the Refuge research program.

I understand that the Refuge research examines the relationship each individual has with his or her Creator. The goal of the research is to examine this personal relationship and how it develops over time.

I understand that my child’s /youth’s responses to meditations will be recorded both in audio and video form and that the information gathered will be used in a confidential and professional manner.

I also understand that according to Ohio law the following must be reported: evidence of child abuse, threats of violence to self or others, reasonable knowledge that a felony has been (or is being) committed and reportable communicable diseases.

Furthermore, I, as a parent, can:

  • contact research associates for update reports of my child’s/youth’s responses to the meditations presented.
  • observe the environment my child/youth is participating in.

Research findings will be made available to you as they occur.

Finally, I understand that the Refuge is interested in how meditations may affect my child/youth in everyday life. I give my permission for a research associate to contact me, that my responses will be recorded, and that this information will be used in a confidential and professional manner.


____________________________________Name of Child/Youth






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