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Meditation One

Meditation One

(for Day 5)

Igniting the Lamp Meditation

Meditation 5-1-1



  • Meditation table
  • Rainbow tapered candle (use a sparkler when available)
  • A candle in a beautiful, dazzling holder
  • Matches
  • Special verse of the week
  • Oil lamp with shade
  • Full Hidden Word (Arabic 11) cut into individual words plus lamp pouches
  • Radiant star jeweled boxes – one for each child

The Verse


Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee. Get thou from it thy radiance and seek none other than Me. For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favor upon thee.

The Meditation

Students enthusiastically arranged this verse from the fragments retrieved from their special pouches. When segments were removed from the completed verse, students identified the missing parts. Finally, students recited the verse from memory. Both students were eager to try. The younger student accepted a small amount of prompting. The older student needed no assistance. Finally it was stated: “The pouches are yours to keep to help remind you of some of the things that we have been doing this week in camp.”

In summary, the oil lamp was presented and students, when quizzed, identified the oil lamp as us, a gift from God, radiating God’s light. Aware that this was the final day of camp, students asked when the oil lamp could be lit. As promised at the beginning of the week, students were asked the following question:

How do you become a lamp of dazzling light that radiates Divine Light?

Students immediately spoke of the service project which was being prepared all week and was about to be completed. They went on to speak of helping one’s mother, being nice to siblings, and telling friends about the things learned at camp.

The special rainbow candle was lit from the flame of the candle which had been used all week to represent the light of God. The rainbow candle was ceremoniously used to light the oil lamp. The flame was adjusted and hurricane shade replaced.

Special radiant star jeweled boxes were presented while reciting this verse to each child:


God has crowned you with honor and in your hearts

has He set a radiant star;  verily the light thereof shall

brighten the whole world.  ‘Abdu’l-Baha


Students were quite enthusiastic on this final day, yet somewhat distracted in their eagerness to get on with the service project. E2.5

Guiding Quotations

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