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Day 5 Summary

Meditation 5-Summary

One of the students is extremely shy and was hesitant to fully interact during the visits. However, after the visits, this same student expressed her delight in meeting the individuals and was anxious to visit with both the friends again. (I-3)

Student #2 fully participated in both visits with the individuals and freely shared some of the activities that occurred during the week long camp. She also asked questions about things within each of the individual’s homes and was truly interested in what they had to say. After the visits she also expressed a sincere desire to visit with the friends again and wondered when this could happen. (I-3)

At the end of the day while eating ice cream, both students very enthusiastically expressed the desire to visit both the Baha’i Friends again. E2

(They also became concerned that the ice cream treat was dripping on their radiating light costumes as they wore them on the visits. Teachers assured them that they could be washed and would be ready to share with their family.)

At a later date, two of the teachers visited with Mr. Bunch and Mrs. Olson. Both individuals expressed how much they enjoyed the visit from the students.

As a side note, eventually Mrs. Olson’s cat made very good use of the gift basket comfortably curling up in the basket for her afternoon nap.

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