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Meditation Five

Meditation Five

(for Day Four)


The students initially wanted to add cookies to the service baskets. As a group, we had decided to bake nine pointed star cookies and brownies if time permitted. However, after completing the skit, time was short and after some consultation, the group decided to take a field trip to the local bakery. There the students selected star cookies and fireworks cookies of various colors to be added to the service baskets. The cookies were selected because they looked like “fireworks and exploding light.” We also went to the local grocery, which had a floral department. We asked to purchase a clear plastic sack to put our baskets in. The florist was very kind to us and gave the sacks to us for free.

Summary: The students wanted to include the cookies, but since time had slipped away purchasing them was our best option. They were very excited about selecting cookies for each of the people we would be delivering the baskets to. They considered what kind and color of cookies each individual would like. (The adults did let the students select a cookie for themselves, also.) Rating: E 2.5

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