The Baha'i Writings and the Child: A Research Website

Meditation Four

Meditation Four

(for Day Four)

A Closing Meditation


Meditation 4-4



  • A meditation table.
  • Quote displayed on the meditation table:


For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favor upon thee.

Hidden Words Arabic no. 11


  • Each participant brings his/her heart ornament with stand along with their chosen Quote with stand.


Meditation Preparation:

Before entering the meditation area each child should practice with an adult how to place their Quote, with stand and heart ornament, on the meditation table as well as standing, pausing and looking at the audience, before reading his/her verse.

The Meditation

Participants enter the meditation area and are seated.

The song “This little light of mine …” is sung.

The word “kindness” is added on the second verse.

The Hidden Word verse is read.

Each participant, one at a time, places their kindness heart on the meditation table along with their selected Quote. The participant then picks up his/her Quote, turns toward the audience, reads the Quote, and then returns the Quote to the stand on the meditation table.

Possible meditations on this Quote:

I wonder if your heart radiates kindness?

I wonder if the quality of kindness can become like a radiant star in your heart?

I wonder if you know someone like this? Etc.

The song – “This Little Light of Mine” could be resung.