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Meditation One

Introduction to Day 4

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Meditation 3-1



  • Meditation table.
  • Full Hidden Word (Arabic 11) displayed on meditation table
  • All of the envelopes with the cut up pieces should be in the pouches.


Introduction – Day 4

Today we will be focusing on the entire Hidden Word. Would someone please read the Hidden Word for us.

Please take your lamp pouches from the table and check inside.

See if you can lay out the words to the all the sentences. Check the sentences on the devotional table if you need to.

Let’s try turning down some words and see if you can remember what they are. (Try this with one word at a time and then try two or more words.)

If you have some free time today you can return to the meditation table, take out the envelope and think about the words as you arrange them in order.

Guiding Quotations

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