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Meditation Three

Camp 2 Day One – First Experiment

 Meditation 3

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  • One heart for each participant – on poster board or similar paper. A loop or hole should be on the upper part of the heart to attach a necklace – so that the heart can be worn. Our hearts were 4 inches across.
  • A necklace or chord like material appropriate in length so that heart hangs in front of the person’s heart.
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Scissors
  • Tempura paint
  • Neon paint
  • Black light
  • Darkened room



Have a place set up for each individual – with a paper towel to define the area, a paint brush, a cup with water a heart and a chord.

(Note: You will have to share paint)

So the question is: How do you light your lamp so that you have a radiant heart.

To help you think about this we will do the following:

Each of you has a heart in front of you and a chord.

You are to make a necklace so that this heart lines up with your own heart. Do. Help as needed.

You will see an “N” on one side of your heart. You will paint this side with a neon color of your choosing. (pink, yellow and green available)

When this side dries, paint the other side with regular tempera paint of the same color (Either pink/red, yellow or green)

Show how to rinse brush and dab with a paper towel before beginning.

When dry go to a darkened space – or pass a black light flash light around.

Which side radiates more light?

One side is like our minds – we know a lot

And one side is like our spiritual selves – it radiates,

It glows.

When we came into the room was the heart glowing?

No, we knew about it but it was not glowing.

In fact, if the room was completely darkened you wouldn’t even see the heart you are wearing.

So, what caused the glowing, the radiating?

So the question is: How do you light your lamp so that you have a glowing, radiant heart?

I wonder. Can you do this yourself? (No)

(You need an outside source)

Rinse brushes; Pour water in to a receptacle; Rinse out and dry cup and brush