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Meditation Four

Camp 2 Heart Box Decoration

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  • Large paper mache boxes shaped like hearts
  • Glitter ( I used white – both small and large, in a shaker)
  • Neon paint I suggest pink. This will cover brown coloring of the box
  • Chunky glitter paint (I suggest silver though gold does work. ) The brown coloring of the box does come through but the glitter stands out.
  • Glitter glue – purple stands out best though other colors were made available
  • Stencils – I used one with a heart theme though others were available
  • Paint brushes, pencil, an ink pen – to trace the stencil on to the box once painted (pencil does not show up)
  • Paper towels, plastic cups for water
  • Sharpies: both neon and regular color fine point
  • Clear glue
  • Black light


Day one – State: The Baha’i Writings state that we should possess “radiant hearts” that will “brighten the whole world”. So we need to decorate the heart box so that it reflects light. The materials should be ones that glitter and glow.

Today we will paint our boxes. You have two choices of paint: pink neon or white glue. (Note: I carefully monitored initial choices so the boxes don’t become Valentine boxes.) Show examples.

Tomorrow you will begin decorating them.

Give a painting lesson of how to rinse and dry brush on paper towel

Paint boxes, adding glitter while wet (not too much)

Rinse brushes; Pour water in to a receptacle; Rinse out and dry cup and brush


Day two, etc.: Stencil design.


Decorating your heart box using a stencil design will take time. During this time I will place a Quote out that you can think about. Music will also be played.

To get you started I need to show you a few things.

Show examples:

  • Where designs might be placed (e.g. on top and/or sides)
  • Possible types of stencils
  • Show how to trace stencils with a pen
  • Filling in stencils (show examples) using neon or regular Sharpie pen (easiest) or using glitter glue (harder – like decorating a cake)

Show choice of colors.

First, plan your stencil design.

Then consult with me before you begin.

Be there to answer questions.

Read Quote(s) and play music.


I wonder, what causes our decorated heart boxes to sparkle or glow? (The sparkle or glow is a reflection of an outside light sorce.)

So, how is your lamp, your heart, ignited to so that it radiates Divine Light?


Clean-up as needed.

Guiding Quotations

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