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Meditation Five

Meditation Five

Service Activity Day 1

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  • Material to make prayer beads:
  • Beads
  • Plastic cord
  • Small cups to sort beads
  • Card printed out with the Word Allah’u’Abha. Card mounted on a piece of card stock with simple embellishments.
  • Small stand for card
  • Kitab-i-Aqdas and large stand



Begin meditation at the devotional table.

Does anyone remember the story about ‘Abdu’l-Baha and Lua Getzinger? ‘Abdu’l-Baha asked Lua to go to the home of a man who was very ill and to care for him.

(Review story as needed)

For camp, do you think that we could also do something to aid and assist some of the friends in our area?

(Allow time for discussion and comments.)

There are two friends in our area who would really enjoy having us visit. I have already contacted them and they are so happy that we may be coming.

Each day during our camp we have planned something that we can make to include in a basket for these friends. It would be kind of like the basket that Lua took to the ailing man.

(On the devotional table place the Kitab-i-Aqdas and the card with Allah’u’Abha on it.)

Does anyone know the meaning of the word “Allah’u’Abha”?     (Wait for a response)

Allah’u’Abha is Arabic for God the All-Glorious. It is a form of the Greatest Name, used as a greeting among Baha’is.

Does anyone know what Baha’u’llah says about the word “Allah’u’Abha?

Let’s read in the Kitab’i’Aqdas what He says. I have marked the passage pg 26 paragraph 18).

(Discuss as needed)

If we say our Allah’u’Abhas 95 times each day for a whole year, how many do you think that would be? (34,675!)

To help say the 95 Allah’u’Abhas each day Baha’is usually use prayer beads that have 95 beads on them.

(Show a set of prayer beads)

Since each of the friends we will be visiting are Baha’is, do you think that we could make them a strand of prayer beads that they could use?


We have a variety of colors so you can design a pattern that you think they would like. I can tell you a little about each person and that may help you with your color design choice.

Go to the art table and make prayer beads.

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