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Meditation Six

Meditation Six

Reflecting on the Day

A Closing Meditation for Day One

Meditation 6


  • Meditation Table
  • All of the Quotes used for the day’s meditations should be beautifully displayed on the table.
  • Each child and staff member should wear their heart (made in Experiment One) to the meditation.
  • Selected background music.


Children /adults should gather around the meditation table.

Soft music can be playing in the background to set the mood as the children and adults enter.

Today we have meditated on several Quotes. They are now all in front of you.

I want you to quietly take some time and look at each Quote. When you have read them all I want you to select the Quote which you think is your favorite.

All remain quiet as this is done. (Soft music can be playing in the background.)

After a time (don’t rush the process) quietly ask each child if they have selected their favorite Quote. When all have, proceed.

I will call each of you up to the meditation table, one at a time, and ask you to take your heart necklace and place it by the Quote you have chosen.

Each child is called up individually. The child approaches the meditation table and places their heart necklace next to their chosen Quote. The child then returns to where they were seated and the next child is called up. All is done slowly and in silence.

When all have participated (both adults and children) ask:

I wonder why you were attracted to the Quote you chose?   Was it a certain Word in the Quote you liked? Or you really don’t know why but you just liked the Quote? Did you have a tough time choosing your favorite Quote? Etc.

Go to each participant: _____________, I wonder why you were attracted to the Quote you chose? Using the above questions help each participant develop a response.

The meditation could end here or continue with prayers, songs, talking about what was enjoyed during the day etc.

Guiding Quotations

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