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Meditation Seven

Meditation 7

(for Day Three) 

A Closing Meditation

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  • Quote used in meditation Two for today – one for each child – undecorated. The Quote is: The Light of a good character …
  • Supplies for decoration (e.g. colored pencils), ruler
  • Backing to support quotes, scotch tape (to apply to backing
  • Stands – one for each participant
  • Glitter glue
  • Music
  • Meditation area

The Meditation:

Note: All who participate in the closing meditation – including adults – should do the below.

Begin at the art table.

Today we meditated on this Quote

Place on stand.



The Light of a good character surpasseth the light of the sun

and the radiance thereof.

Whoso attaineth unto it

is accounted as a jewel among men.

The Tablets of Baha’u’llah, 36


We will decorate this Quote and then bring it to our meditation area for our closing.

There should be limited talking – to allow others to meditate.


Steps in decorating.

  1. Show samples. Begin decoration. (music can be added)
  2. Attach backing with tape
  3. With glitter glue underline the Words you are attracted to.

The Closing Meditation.

Bring decorated Quote to meditation area.

One at a time each person reads the Quote, places it on the stand and shares (optional) the Words that stood out for him/her.

Close with music.

Guiding Quotations

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