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Meditation Three

Meditation Three

(for Day 3) 

Radiant Costume Planning 

O God! Make me a radiant light, a shining lamp, and a brilliant star.



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  • Shimmery fabric plus pattern
  • Sewing machine and notions
  • Field trip forms and transportation


Students were fully delighted (E3+) when presented with silvery, reflective fabric to make costumes for camp. They felt this would truly make them radiant lamps.

When it was suggested that a head-hole be cut in the center of the fabric to create a poncho, both students expressed strong concern that such lovely fabric be sewn into a proper article of clothing. They further delighted that these costumes could be worn on their service project visits.

Students requested to choose the clothing pattern and participate in its construction. (A3)

A field trip to the fabric store was planned and taken. Students took about an hour to view, consult, and agree upon the pattern. They chose an elegant and rather unique-looking off-one-shoulder design. They then proceeded to gather the necessary notions listed on the pattern envelope.

Student Participation in Sewing Project:

  • Layout of fabric and pattern pieces was demonstrated.
  • Students pinned pattern pieces to fabric.
  • Students cut fabric according to pattern, with some assistance and removed the pins.
  • Use of sewing machine was demonstrated.
  • Students tried out the machine on scrap fabric, but were reluctant to risk “messing up” the blouses.
  • Our older student actually sewed a short length of hem, but felt too much anxiety to continue. Students requested a future opportunity to pursue this skill. *
  • Students participated in the fittings and clean-up.

The students looked beautiful and luminous in their costumes. We discussed how these would enhance the real radiance, which comes from their actions. Costumes were worn for a camp skit and their service project. (E2.5)

*This interest continued with both students. Eight months later, both received basic sewing machines from their grandparents and are being enrolled in a home-schooling sewing class. (A3)

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