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Meditation Five

Meditation Five

(for Day Two)

Prayer Bead Pouches


  • suede leather
  • leather shears
  • a leather punch
  • snap mechanism
  • snap setter
  • leather lacing
  • leather needles (or alternatively, a pre-fabricated kit can be purchased from Tandy Leather)
  • optional leather marking pens


The Meditation:


Students were encouraged to talk about the prayer beads they had strung the previous day. Each immediately spoke of the person for whom they had prepared the beads (they each had information about the basket recipients) which led them to choose specific bead colors.

One student repeatedly expressed concern that the woman would like her color choices. They also discussed challenges and hardships they had overcome in stringing the beads, which definitely seemed to add to their sense of accomplishment on the project.


Making the Pouches:

When students were asked if they would be interested in making pouches to hold the beads, both expressed enthusiasm. They chose colors of suede that they felt would complement the colors of the beads. They received instruction on how to thread the needle and stitch the leather. The following YouTube video demonstrates both running and whip stitches.

Our students used a whip stitch.

A more complicated method of lacing (the double loop stitch) is available but seemed less advisable, particularly after a long day. This instructional method was offered, but not requested.

Students completed the project with fair enthusiasm (E2), using the time to speculate about their basket recipients and recount their own efforts to make well-loved gifts.

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