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Meditation Six

A Reflective Meditation

Meditation Six – Day Two

Meditation 2-6 Materials                 

  • Meditation Table – beautifully decorated.
  • All Quotes (with stands) that were meditated on during Day Two – displayed on the meditation table – or in front of it.
  • The first two sentences (on separate cards – with stands) of the Hidden Word (Arabic #11) – also displayed.
  • Selected music

The Meditation

Children enter the meditation area quietly and are seated in front of the meditation table. Background music playing.

Today we meditated on this sentence from the Hidden Words: (read orally)


Get thou from it thy radiance and seek

none other than me.


You see several Quotes in front of you. Each of these Quotes we thought about today in one way or another.

Read each Quote again to yourself and after you are done decide on the one Quote you feel most attracted to (your favorite Quote). At the end you will be able to share your selection.

Note: There are several ways of sharing the selection:

  1. The participant can simply read their favorite Quote
  2. The participant can place a lighted candle next to their favorite Quote.
  3. The participant can place an item next to their favorite Quote (their heart necklace etc.)
  4. In the selection process all who attend the meditation – including adult – participate.

I wonder why you were attracted to this Quote? Each participant can either respond or pass.

After a quiet time of reflection close with singing.

Example: “This little light of mine”

Guiding Quotations

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