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Meditation Three

Solar Oven Cooking

Day 2 Meditation Three

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Meditation 2-3-1

Meditation 2-3-2


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Each child made their own solar oven. To create a solar oven we consulted the internet and used the following site: Build A Solar Oven | Science Project for Kids

We highly recommend that you try to assemble a solar oven (as a model) before presenting this meditation. We used heavy zip lock bags instead of the clear plastic wrap. We purchased cardboard pizza boxes at a place which sold pizzas.

This is a two day project – one for assembling and one for cooking.

The Meditation

Today we are going to think about the power of the natural sun.

What do you know about the sun?


(One could add a Quote here to enhance the meditation)

Here is a Quote to think about concerning the sun:


And further, all the earth’s creatures require the bounty of the sun, for their very existence is dependent upon solar light and heat. Should they be deprived of the sun, they would be wiped out.

Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Baha 46-51


Today we are going to make something that can capture solar light and heat and use it for cooking our food for lunch tomorrow. It is called a solar oven. (Show model)

Each of you will each make your own solar oven.

Begin assembling. During the construction of the ovens discuss the scientific principles of how a solar oven works. The Internet source we used “What Happened” was a nice source for us.

Guiding Quotations

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