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A Fundamental Theoretical Consideration

A major premise/finding of the Good Shepherd work is that a child’s relationship with God is a natural one, an inborn gift, which is beyond social or educational conditioning.

To determine this, Dr. Cavalletti/Gobbi and associates’ research noted a uniformity of responses to meditations presented regardless of the children’s environmental circumstances.

Dr. Cavalletti comments (From Way of Holy Joy):

The golden thread was ever-lengthening, uniting together thousands of children from very diverse milieu and situations, but the response to the religious experience never changed. 37

… there are two seemingly contradictory elements:

  1. an ever-growing number of children (two to 12 years of age) who live in the most diverse environments and situations, and
  2. at the same time there is the evidence that all children respond to the religious factor, and always respond to it in the same way. That is to say, there is a counter positioning between the diversification in the milieux and situations in which the children live and the constant uniformity in their response to the religious reality. 37-38

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