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Establishing a Research Environment

Dr. Cavalletti notes that a research environment is a place of observation which should enable the child to manifest who he or she truly is. 40

Suggestions for creating such environments included the following (From Way of Holy Joy):

…an environment that helps the child work independently of the adult as far as possible, 40

… a place in which to prepare, according to their own rhythm and capacities,   40

… a place where a community of children lives a religious experience together with some adults … 40

…different from a classroom in a school. 41 and is not a place of religious instruction, but of religious life. 41

… certainly a place of learning, but it is learning that has a predominantly celebratory character, in which learning is deschooled, in the sense that there is no need for those instruments that are generally used in school, such as marks, testing, exams, assigned tasks or homework. All customary means of academic control are renounced … 41

… more like a spiritual retreat center, 42

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