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The Five Step Meditation Model

The Five Step Meditation Model
A Research Meditation Model to Consider

Step One Be Silent

Withdraw from all outside objects. Put questions to you own spirit/generally wonder about the meditation quote or prompt.

Step Two Chant/recite the verses of God

Prayer and presentation of meditation prompts. Modeling important when presenting.

Step Three Ponder the meaning therein

Reflect on the meaning of the verse and the meditation in general.

Step Four Listening (reality is revealed/ spirit answers)

See with inward vision. The light breaks forth and reality is revealed. In this step there is an invitation to personal interaction with the Writings/meditation and its related materials.

Step Five Act in accord therewith

Above all perseverance in action Transform meaning into action. The child should be allowed continued/extended time for pondering on the meditation presented. The fine arts should be encouraged.

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